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There are currently three ways a dog can "graduate" from guide dog school.

Working Guidess - After 6 months or more of formal training, the dog is matched with a visually impaired partner. Up to 4 more weeks of training is done together on campus before the new team is presented at a graduation ceremony. Often times the puppy raiser has the opportunity to attend graduation and meet the new partner.

Breeder Dogs - After returning for formal training, those dogs still under breeder consideration are carefully observed by the trainers and the breeding department. Only the most exceptional dogs are chosen to join the breeding colony. These dogs are also presented at a graduation ceremony and will live with a foster family in between litters of puppies.

K-9 Buddies - This is a new program that matches a suitable dog with a blind child to provide companionship, increased social opportunities, love, and experience caring for a dog. If the child later chooses to be matched with a guide dog, he or she will already have experience with dogs.

Dogs not selected for one of these three jobs are said to be career changed. Career changed dogs go on to work as therapy, search and rescue, diabetic detection, hearing, or of course they can be pet dogs! Check out Boulder's wonderful career change dogs!


Anza is a female black labrador born on September 27, 2014 to dog mom Cypress and dog dad Andreas. Anza is being raised by Sandy and Vic.

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Tasha is a female, yellow labrador born on January 6, 2015 to dog mom Hestia and dog dad Jenkins. Tasha was first raised by Margaret and then by Anne.

Tasha graduated as a working guide.

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Jenny, a female yellow labrador, joined the club on Friday, September 12, 2014. Jenny was born on July 8, 2014 to dog mom Lexus and dog dad Kahlua. Jenny was raised by Carrie, Hannah, and Reid. Jenny graduated as a working guide in July 2016.

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Mayor is a male, black labrador born on July 16, 2014 to dog dad Jenkins and dog mom Paris. Mayor transferred into the club from Utah and he's a littermate of Magic. He is being raised by Anne W.

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Scone is a female black labrador born on April 13, 2014 to dog mom Wanda and dog dad Mack. She's being coraised by Leah and family and Kirsten and family. Scone is a littermate of Siri, also being raised in the club. Scone graduated as a working guide.

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Trace is a male, yellow labrador who transferred into our club. He is being raised by Heather and Levin. He was born on April 21, 2014 to dog dad Solo and dog mom Carlita. Trace graduated as a working guide.

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Regan is a female, black labrador born on April 9, 2014 to dog mom Ultra and dog dad Andreas. She is being raised by Cece. Regan graduated in December 2015.

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Valiant is the son of Athena and Partner. Athena was raised in our Boulder club. Valiant is the brother of Versailles, also being raised in the Boulder club. Valiant was born on December 11, 2013 and is being raised by Cathy and Carolanne, who raised Athena.

Valiant graduated as a guide in July 2015.

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Odin came on the April 11, 2014 puppy truck. He is a male, golden retriever being raised by Claudia. Odin is Olema's littermate and is also half-sibling to Valiant and Versailles. Odin's dog dad is Partner and his dog mom is Tarragon. Odin was born on February 6, 2014.

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Kenner is a male yellow labrador born on July 9, 2013 to dog dad Vernon and dog mom Alma. Kenner is being raised by Janet. Kenner was recalled on October 18, 2014.

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Magnolia is a female yellow labrador born on July 17, 2014 to dog mom Mona and dog dad William. Magnolia is being raised by Megan and Terry. Magnolia is littermates with Moose. Mona, their mom, was raised by Anna P. in the Boulder club. Magnolia was recalled on October 18, 2104.

Magnolia graduated as a guide on 2/14/2015

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Kimba is a female golden retriever/labrador cross. She was born on March 28, 2013 to dog mom Matisse and dog dad Amici. Kimba is being raised by Vic and Sandy. Kimba graduated as a working guide in November 2014.

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Marsh is a male, yellow labrador who graduated as a working guide in 2009. He was born on May 2, 2007 to dog mom Dominique and dog dad Tiburon. He was raised by Alex, Jen, Susan, and family.

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Jarvis graduated was graduated as a working guide. Jarvis was raised by Susan and her family.

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Harmony graduated as a working guide. She is retired now and living with her partner's family. She was raised by Susan and Family.

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Evelyn was raised by Susan and her family in 1998. Evelyn graduated as a working guide.

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Delsey is a female, labrador & (3/4) golden retriver cross (2nd generation). Delsey graduated as a working guide but died at a young age.

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Sergio is a male golden retriever who joined our club on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. Sergio was born on September 5, 2012 to dog dad Amador and dog mom Pebbles. Sergio was raised by JulieMarie, Michael, and Lucky. He graduated as a working guide.

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Huck is a labrador golden cross. He was born on March 21, 2012 to dog dad David and dog mon Nigella. He is being co-raised by Barbara and Harlan and family.

Huck was trained in-home and graduated in October 2013.

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Margaret picked up her new puppy, Hugo, on Wednesday, February 8, 2012. He flew in from California. Hugo is a male, black labrador born to dog mom Marcie and dog dad Simon on December 5, 2011

Hugo graduated on August 17, 2013. Hugo was raised by Margaret and Joel.

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Bianca was born on April 28, 2009 to dog mom CUesta and dog dad Baker. She was raised by Gene & Jane and graduated around August 2010.

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Promise graduated on December 2006 as a working guide. She was co-raised by Bonnie and Emily.

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Viking graduated as a working guide in October 2008. He was born on January 22, 2007 to dog mom Dijon and dog dad Norbert. He was co-raised by Emma and family and Margaret. Viking is a male, black labrador.

Viking was a working guide for 15 months in British Columbia, Canada. His blind partner returned him to GDB when she was hospitalized with a severe illness. After re-evaluating him, GDB career-changed Viking in February 2010. He was adopted by close family friends. Viking lives with his new family and "sister" Kona in Aurora, Colorado. 

Viking plays a lot with Kona, goes on lots of hikes, eats grass and sticks, and swims like a madman anytime he's near water. Every time he jumps in he looks so clumsy and then he starts pumping those legs and flipper paws and he can swim laps around all the other dogs. Viking has also mastered rafting with Kona.

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Swanson graduated as a working guide on October 2007. He was born on February 15, 2006 to dog mom Christine and dog dad Astro.

Swanson was raised by Sheila, Eric, and family. Swanson was littermates with Skip.

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Nexus graduated on 11-3-2012.

Nexus just joined the group on Friday, May 13, 2011. His dog dad is Jenkins and his dog mom is Dia. He was born on February 24, 2011. He is a male, yellow lab raised by Susan.

Nexus' partner sent Susan a letter.

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Mathew graduated as a working guide in 1997. He was raised by Carol.

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Jenson was born on February 20, 2010. He was raised in Utah for a while, but due to circumstances out of their control, his first puppy raisers had to stop raising

Jenson is a male, black labrador whose dog mom is Elsa and his dog father is Simon.

Jenson has been matched with a partner and the two of them are now in class set to graduate on August 13, 2011. Emily, Jenson's puppy raiser, is proud of him and is looking forward to squishing his face at graduation. "I have no doubt he will excel as a guide and bring many years of joy and safe travel to his new partner!" Emily wrote.

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Jodianne is a female, yellow labrador born on April 27, 2010 to dog mom Dorinda and dog dad Jay. Jodianne graduated on December 3, 2011. She was raised by Sarina and Craig.

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Monica is a female black labrador born on August 27, 2009 to dog mom Mamie and dog dad Dylan. Monica was raised by Alexis and family.

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Hahn is a male, black labrador born to dog mom Lark and dog dad Cabby on May 2, 2009. Hahn was raised by Susan and family.

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