Viking graduated as a working guide in October 2008. He was born on January 22, 2007 to dog mom Dijon and dog dad Norbert. He was co-raised by Emma and family and Margaret. Viking is a male, black labrador.

Viking was a working guide for 15 months in British Columbia, Canada. His blind partner returned him to GDB when she was hospitalized with a severe illness. After re-evaluating him, GDB career-changed Viking in February 2010. He was adopted by close family friends. Viking lives with his new family and "sister" Kona in Aurora, Colorado. 

Viking plays a lot with Kona, goes on lots of hikes, eats grass and sticks, and swims like a madman anytime he's near water. Every time he jumps in he looks so clumsy and then he starts pumping those legs and flipper paws and he can swim laps around all the other dogs. Viking has also mastered rafting with Kona.