Darrell was born April 6, 1996 to dog Dad Magnum and dog Mom Scarlet.  Pat and I raised Darrell and he actually graduated from the Guide Dog School training program.  We were making preparations to attend his graduation and then we received the call…he was career changed as 'too sensitive'.  

A great call by Guide Dogs as he could do the work just fine, yet he stressed when asked to work full days.  Of course we adopted him and he was a fabulous companion touching many lives while he was with us.  Pat is a COMS (Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist) and Darrell was able to assist her with classroom work educating students to the option of using a dog guide for travel.  Over the years we are aware of at least 13 of these former students later in life deciding that option was a good one for them - and we like to think part of that decision was the positive influence Darrell provided.

Sadly, Darrell passed on October 10, 2008