Guide Dogs has some toys that are "legal" for Guide Dog Puppies to play with and some that are not. "Illegal" toys are not allowed for either safety reasons or for Guide Dog reasons. For instance, you can't play ball with your Guide Dog Puppy. Imagine what would happen if your pup became a working dog and went by a tennis court? I had a friend with a blind grandfather. He had a golden guide (not from Guide Dogs). He went to a basketball game and the dog freaked out, ran away, and some how made it onto the court, 'caus he wanted to play basketball like AirBud.

Here's the current Guide Dog Toy Policy.

Approved Toys 

No Nos 

Kongs the original black Kong and the Ultra Kong 6"

Black Kongs are stronger than red ones. The original Kong shape is approved. No balls, Frisbees, or chews are approved.


Kong Frisbees, Kong balls, Kong chews are all unapproved toys.

Goughnuts ring or stick

green and yellow are the same strength and are okay for most puppies. The black is extremely hard and is used for the really rough players.



Galileo 5" or 6" bones by NylaBones (also now packaged as Dino Bones)

The Galileo bones are great for tough chewers. Some of the smaller Nylabones are better for baby puppies but should be taken away as they get older.


No chew products with any sort of rubber, plastic, or fabric are approved.

 Toys approved for play with Supervision Only

Tug toys should be put up, away from the puppy, after you've played with the puppy. This is to maintain a balanced relationship. All of these toys can be interative. Puppies must be closely observed the whole time they are playing with toys, so they don't shred or consume the toys.


Rubber ring and rubber Figure 8 toy



Olly Bone II (size 10" recommended) made by Ollydog



Tuffy's Ultimate Tug-o-War



Bumi by West Paw Design in the large size



Jollyball (no handle) with a rope through the middle sold as Romp-N-Roll

Toss 'n' Floss is a similar large ball with rope through it that is also approved.



Raisers need to trim the frayed ends of the rope on the Jolly Ball to reduce the temptation for puppies to shred them. A very safe alternative is to remove the rope and replace it with the same plastic-covered cable our tie-downs are made of. A visit to the hardware store will supply cable and clamps to make a super durable "handle" for the pups to carry.