Using the right words can help communicate with Guide Dogs and the leaders. Here are the definitions of some behaviors. All of these terms are mentioned on the monthly puppy report.

dog-hackling-thumb-200x200  Hackling: Involuntary raising of the hair on the back. May be just on the shoulders or all along the spine. May be associated with insecurity/aggression or just excitement.
  Posturing: Dog pulls himself up to full height, raises tail and ears, becomes stiff/tense, often glares at other dogs/person.
 mouthing-puppy Mouthing: Putting mouth around someone's hand/arm or any body part, often with little pressure.
  Nipping: Quick bites with the front teeth,making a pinch if coming in contact.
  Submissive: Lowered body posture, sometimes to the point of showing groin area or rolling on the back. Ears back, cringing expression often with lip licking. Tail low or tucked. Tail tip wags fast.
  Keying: Focusing intently on something. An intense, hard stare.
  Solicitous: Overly friendly and energetic especially towards non-family. Uses body language, tail wagging, licking, etc. to get attention.
  Dog distracted: Showing more than mild interest in other dogs. Unable to refocus on work with minimal correction in presence of other dogs.
  Fence Fighting: Charging at/up and down a fence line next to other dogs. May include barking, hackling, growling, etc.
  Rough play: Jumping on, mounting, mouthing, chewing, body slamming, pawing other dogs