Hi there Boulder Puppy Raiserrs!! 

I'm so excited to share this with you through Heidi!  I've posted it on Facebook if you use that venue also.  I am the blind handler who was matched with one of your club's puppies in training, Megan, raised by Heidi. ️
I am also one of the officers of a GDB alumni group called Mommies with Guides. While we are a GDB alumni group we are allowed to have members (moms and dads) from all different guide dog schools and all over the world!  It's truly a wonderful group and we work hard to empower other blind parents and to educate and raise awareness within the general public regarding active, independent, blind parents and our guide dogs. 

Every Thursday, we post about a different puppy in training!!  I'm writing to invite you to submit your puppies in training to our Puppy Power Thursday posts!  All you need to do is "like" Mommies with Guides on Facebook and then send us a message with some information about your puppy, letting us know your puppy club, and attaching some pictures of your sweet puppy in training!!  We'll take it from there and will feature your puppy in training on an upcoming Puppy Power Thursday!

We love sharing with the world about these little life changers!  We also LOVE being able to honor and show appreciation and gratitude to all of you--our incredible, dedicated, loving puppy raisers!!  
Thank you all for everything you do!  
All my best,